"Only One Childhood" Album

All songs have a message. Awareness leads to action. These two statements have been the guiding principles for producing this CD – a CD that we hope will give a strong voice to children wanting a healthy, nurturing and loving childhood experience in a safe and stable home environment. Unfortunately, too many children are being denied that experience because:

  • Their special needs have not been addressed.
  • Their parents’ custody disputes have not been resolved.
  • They need educational services that have not been provided.
  • They are being raised in impoverished, often homeless, conditions that never change,
  • Their foster care placements never lead to permanency,
  • They never obtain the training and skills for a better future, and
  • They continue to be neglected, and, even worse, abused because they are not removed from these horrific situations.


We hope this CD will be a catalyst for positive, transformative change in the lives of these children.

We hope this CD will:

  • Encourage parents, other family members, teachers, care providers and clergymen to do more to protect and better the lives of these children.
  • Motivate more individuals to become mentors and tutors, big brothers and sisters, foster and adoptive parents.
  • Cause more individuals, corporations, unions, charities and foundations to contribute more to programs and organizations that work to improve the lives of these children.


We say this and hope for this because every child only gets one childhood. Please help us spread this message by purchasing the CD here.



Album Preview: Title Track “Only One Childhood”

Performed by:  Angelica Marvaso

Lyrics:     Fred Gruber

Music:    Bonnie Schippling

Track List

  1. Children’s Love
  2. Only One Childhood
  3. Both Parents
  4. What’s Wrong with Me
  5. Every Child Can Learn
  6. Poverty Sucks
  7. Homeless Child
  8. My Secret
  9. Child of the System (Daffodils)
  10. Unprepared
  11. Adoption
  12. Every Child Is God’s Child
  13. Stay in School


Two-in-one Book: "Every Number Counts" & "No One Letter Is Better"

Using letters and numbers to encourage acceptance and prevent bullying of others


Written by Linda and Fred Gruber and illustrated by Aisa Villarosa, this two-in-one book helps to teach lessons of inclusion to children.

"Every Number Counts"/"No One Letter Is Better"

This two-sided book uses the alphabet and numbers to convey the message that each child is unique and has his or her own qualities and abilities. The purpose of these stories is to begin teaching children, at an early age, the importance of diversity and acceptance.


We hope that you will help us spread the message far and wide by purchasing the book and cd here. All net proceeds will be used to help fund programs to prevent child abuse, address the needs of youth aging out of the foster care and juvenile justice systems, and teach tolerance.